When we started, tractors traveled on steel wheels.

Our great-grandfather Leonard performed our first tire changeovers when he switched steel-wheeled tractors over to rubber. Times have changed, but our work ethic, values, and desire to serve you—our loyal customers—remains the same.

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How we started in Minnesota.


A Beginning with a Focus on Saving Farmers Money

Vince Ness and his father begin vulcanizing damaged tractor tires in North Redwood, Minnesota. In 1976, he opens up shop in Redwood Falls, Minnesota and names his business Ness Tire Service.


Expanding the Business with Tire Pickup and Delivery

Ness Tire Service begins a trucking route to pick up farmers’ tires for repair. In 1994, Ness Tire Service begins acquiring factory seconds from tire manufacturers as another way to save farmers money on new farm tires.


Continuing Our Heritage in Farm Tires

Vince retires and ownership switches to the Paskewitz family whose roots in farm tires go back to their great-grandfather Leanard who worked to change tractors over from steel wheels to rubber tires. Ness Tire Service is renamed NTS Tire Supply. Over the next 10 years, NTS Tire Supply gains loyal customers across the United States and internationally.


Growing Our Store Online

NTS Tire Supply opens an online store and moves to a new facility in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. NTS Tire Supply launches Practical Traction Knowledge (PTK) as a platform for guiding farmers in their traction investment decisions.

Our business is your business.

Every farm is unique, which is why we listen carefully to your needs and offer expert advice to help you succeed in the future. We build our business on long-term relationships, not one-time sales. Customers who return again and again—and recommend our products and services to others—drive our business.

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I would like to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided me. Everything arrived and fit perfect.

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U guys get a thumbs up all around.

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An amazing team of talented and knowledgeable ag tire experts. Service, know-how and competence under one roof. Highly recommend.

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Very helpful. Know how to find the tire that fits your application and budget.

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The combine wheels and tires worked perfectly! Could not of asked for anything better!

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Thanks very much for taking care of the problem flat tire. We are very impressed with how easy you made this!

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The tires arrived. They look great. I am very happy!

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You guys gave me good advice.

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Duals on my JD 8130 worked great! Auto-steering works way better. I think you guys did a great job!

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Have already recommended to several.

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You guys do a good job! Thanks for having those rims on hand. Really saved the timely harvest we have going on here.

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Fast and knowledgeable. Very courteous. Enjoy doing business with NTS.

Meet the NTS Tire Supply family.

Jeff Paskewitz - CEO at NTS Tire Supply

Jeff Paskewitz

Ben Paskewitz - General Manager at NTS Tire Supply

Ben Paskewitz

General Manager
Stewart Paskewitz - Product Support Specialist at NTS Tire Supply

Stewart Paskewitz

Operations Manager
Cal Paskewitz - Inventory Manager at NTS Tire Supply

Cal Paskewitz

Inventory Manager
Cody Schunk - Shop Manager at NTS Tire Supply

Cody Schunk

Fulfillment Manager

Kristi Zimmerman

Logistics Manager

Brandon Schroeder

Service Manager
Ryan Symington - Product Support Specialist at NTS Tire Supply

Ryan Symington

Product Support Specialist
Pat Spangler - Product Support Specialist at NTS Tire Supply

Pat Spangler

Product Support Specialist

Sky Schweiss

Product Support Specialist

Eric Hildreth

Product Support Specialist

Robert Hillesheim

SmartTrac Sales Rep

Amanda Wichern

Head of Technology
Ron Kuehn - Order Fulfillment Coordinator at NTS Tire Supply

Ron Kuehn

Purchasing Coordinator

Timmy Joehnck

Inventory Coordinator
Austin Hamre - Service Technician at NTS Tire Supply

Austin Hamre

Service Truck Operator

Nick Seehausen

Service Truck Operator

Jacob Moravec

Service Truck Operator

Brandon Ourada

Service Truck Operator
Alfredo Luna - Route Truck Operator at NTS Tire Supply

Alfredo Luna

Route Truck Operator

Brandon Olson

Fulfillment Specialist

Quinn Lueck

Fulfillment Specialist

Curtis Stellmacher

Fulfillment Specialist
Gary Schunk - Vulcanizing Technician at NTS Tire Supply

Gary Schunk

Vulcanizing Technician
Kristen Beran - Financial Controller at NTS Tire Supply

Kristen Beran

Financial Controller

Chelsey Malecek

Accounts Receivable
Cyndy Beadell - Accounts Payable at NTS Tire Supply

Cyndy Beadell

Accounts Payable