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Lower your fuel bill by up to 20%.

The right tires, inflated to the correct tire pressures, can cut 20% from your fuel bill, according to a study conducted by the University of California.

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Increase flotation without sacrificing traction

Larger tire footprints keep your machine on top of the soil while providing more grip. The key is to dial in your tire pressure and technology.

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Lost yields/compaction

The right tires can safeguard your soil and prevent costly yield loss. A recent study found that farmers in North Dakota and Minnesota may lose $587 million over two years for every 10% of land that is affected by compaction.

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Spinning/slow speeds

We’ll connect you with a tire setup that can boost traction and increase working speeds to save you valuable time.

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What is holding your farm back?

What is holding your farm back?

01 Low fuel economy
02 Sinking/Rutting
03 Lost Yields/Compaction
04 Spinning/Slow Speeds

We solve traction issues to make your farm more profitable.

01 Tell Us Your Problem

Our mission is to increase your farm’s profitability with smart traction strategies.

02 Choose the Best Solution

We’re loyal to you & your business, not a tire brand or strategy. Choose from 10,000+ products to find the right fit for your operation.

03 Drive Your Farm Forward

Work smarter and drive profitability for your farm.

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7,000+ problems solved.

7,000+ farmers helped.

Looking for a used tire? How about a complete SmartSwap™ tire upgrade? We’ll give you answers and prices right away. Because you want to get back to work, not wait a few days for someone to get back to you.

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Can you set my 4WD up for 22-inch rows?
Pat - NTS Tire Supply
Absolutely. What make and model tractor do you have?
Can I put 36" tracks on my MT855C without changing midrollers? I'm currently running 30" tracks.
Ryan - NTS Tire Supply
Good question. Yes, you should be OK to do that.
Is there any way to make my sprayer handle better? I'm sinking down to China in the wet spots.
Sky - NTS Tire Supply
That a common problem we hear. What’s your current setup?

Whatever you need to get up and running.

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Helping farmers across the nation.

We’re located in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, but our reach extends far beyond local. Whether you’re a farmer in Illinois, California, or New York, we can help you solve your toughest tire challenges and get you the products you need to drive your farm forward.

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How we started in Minnesota.


A Beginning with a Focus on Saving Farmers Money

Vince Ness and his father begin vulcanizing damaged tractor tires in North Redwood, Minnesota. In 1976, he opens up shop in Redwood Falls, Minnesota and names his business Ness Tire Service.


Expanding the Business with Tire Pickup and Delivery

Ness Tire Service begins a trucking route to pick up farmers’ tires for repair. In 1994, Ness Tire Service begins acquiring factory seconds from tire manufacturers as another way to save farmers money on new farm tires.


Continuing Our Heritage in Farm Tires

Vince retires and ownership switches to the Paskewitz family whose roots in farm tires go back to their great-grandfather Leanard who worked to change tractors over from steel wheels to rubber tires. Ness Tire Service is renamed NTS Tire Supply. Over the next 10 years, NTS Tire Supply gains loyal customers across the United States and internationally.


Growing Our Store Online

NTS Tire Supply opens an online store and moves to a new facility in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. NTS Tire Supply launches Practical Traction Knowledge (PTK) as a platform for guiding farmers in their traction investment decisions.