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7 Strategies to Avoid Costly Farm Tire Failures

Sudden tire failures on tractors or implements deflate your farm’s profitability and leave your operation at a standstill when it needs to be running at full speed.
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Bias vs. Radial Tractor Tires: Which Should I Choose?

Radial tractor tires provide your farm with several advantages over older bias-ply tractor tires, including higher load capacities and longer wear.
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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tractor Tires

Avoid a costly and time-consuming tire failure by taking a few minutes to review the health of your tractor tires. And don’t forget your implement tires, either.
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Which Machine is Causing the Most Compaction on Your Farm?

The heaviest machines on your farm are causing yield-robbing soil compaction. Reclaim lost yields and productivity with smart ag tire strategies.
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3 Reasons Your Implement Tires Fail (And Our Top 5 Tires to Replace Them)

Radial implement tires are the best option for handling the weight of today’s massive implements while improving fuel economy, handling, and road performance.
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Spread Manure, Not Compaction with a Central Tire Inflation System

A central tire inflation system mounted on your manure tanker can help prevent compaction from taking root in your fields and affecting your farm’s productivity.
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Farm Tires: An Important Agronomy Decision

Tires aren’t just big, round, and rubber: They are an agronomy decision that can either support your operation’s profitability or undercut it at every turn.
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The Best Place to Buy Used Tractor Tires

Only buy used tractor tires from a trusted seller. Otherwise, that bargain tire you’ve bought might leave you flat when you need to be up and running.
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Tires vs. Tracks: Which Creates Less Compaction?

While it’s true that tracks “float” better than tires, modern radial tires are better at protecting your fields from compaction when compared to tracks.