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5 Steps for Getting the Most Traction Out of Your 4WD Tractor

Spinning your wheels wastes both time and money. Making these simple adjustments and/or upgrades to your 4WD tractor will get it pulling at peak performance.
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Tires vs. Tracks: Which Creates Less Compaction?

While it’s true that tracks “float” better than tires, they don’t necessarily offer lower soil compaction levels when compared to tires.
Product Review

Planting in the Tracks of Goodyear LSWs: A Yield Crusher or Inflator?

Does planting with Goodyear LSW super singles work? We tested 2 different tractors with 2 different tire setups to study their effect on corn emergence, compaction..
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The Best Tires for Spraying All Season Long

Flotation tires, narrow tires, and sprayer duals—Here is how to get the most out of your sprayer tire setup during every season.
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When Are Used Tires Better Than New?

When your farm equipment calls for replacement tires, there are certain times when good used tires are a better option than new.
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IF/VF Tractor Tires: What Sets Them Apart from Standard Radial Tires?

What is the difference between an IF/VF radial tire and a standard radial tire? IF/VF tires can carry up to 20-40% more weight at the same air pressure or...
Product Review

Is There Real Value in Firestone's Performer EVO Lineup?

How does the Firestone Performer EVO tire compare with Firestone's other radial tractor tires and imported radial farm tires? Width, diameter, flat plate area...
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How to Reduce Soil Compaction to Inflate Your Yields

Reduce soil compaction and increase your tractor's performance and farm's yields with these 3 ag tire technologies.
Business Strategy

Smart Tire Investments at a Low Cost

New takeoff and used tractor tires can cut farm expenses. However, finding a reputable source for tires can sometimes be a challenge. NTS Tire Supply can help.