Black Gold Warranty

We stand behind every product we sell: a practice that has attracted loyal customers since the 1980s—when we first started selling used tires. You can shop at NTS Tire Supply with confidence.

Ever hear of a full warranty on used tractor tires?
Our customers have.

It happens: you buy a used tire, have it mounted, and then find something wrong that couldn’t be seen before. When you work with NTS Tire Supply, there’s no hassle. We make it our business to take this risk away from you.

Free replacement, repair or full money back 30 days after installation or 6 months after purchase.

If a product fails within the first 30 days after installation or 6 months after purchase (whichever comes first), we’ll offer free replacement, repair, or the full purchase price back including labor.*

*Service allowance covered according to NTS Tire Supply’s current regular hours service rates.

FREE Replacement

FREE Repair

Full Money Back

Warranty Refund Chart

If, in normal agricultural service, any tire covered with the Black Gold Warranty and used according to NTS Tire Supply's recommendations, becomes unserviceable through the fault of the tire or failure of a repair, NTS Tire Supply will repair, replace, or offer a refund on the pro-rated basis set forth below.

Tire Service
Up to 12 months
Up to 18 months
Up to 24 months
Tread Depth on Invoice
75% or more
50% or more
25% or more
Credit Allowed
Up to 75%
Up to 50%
Up to 25%
*Any tire under 5/32" or less than 25% of invoiced tread depth is considered worn out and no credit is allowed.

Important Recommendations

  • Any tire marked with SE-TT on the invoice must have Orange Armor tire guard sealant or a tube installed, otherwise the warranty will be voided.
  • Any tire with a sidewall reinforced vulcanized repair on it should not be used on a combine front, loader front, or large grain cart. With the load demands in these extreme conditions, NTS Tire Supply only recommends new or like new takeoff tires. Tires with major repairs or weathering do not come with any warranty under these usage conditions.