The new TM1060, engineered according the Blue Tire Technology upgrades the Trelleborg offering of high performance solutions for new tractors’ generations.


The unrivaled tread design merges the best quality of Trelleborg agricultural radial product. While the wings effect maximizes the tread widht ensuring extra wide footprint, the dual angle boost traction capability.In addition, the empowered sidewall flexibility leads to a very low soil compaction.The TM1060 is featured by an higher load capacity compared to the same size in Standard or IF technology. The Trelleborg ‘/60 series is a step ahead in the scenarion of tire for medium and high power tractors, assuring the same load at lower pressure or higher load at the same pressure.Without increasing the dimensions of the tires, the new Trelleborg TM1060 is able to equip tractor over 300 hp even using narrower rims, perfectly trasferring their couple to the ground.

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