TM700 ProgressiveTraction

TM700 ProgressiveTraction


ProgressiveTraction™ on agricultural tires, for all tractors between 100 and 240hp


Leading Tractor Manufacturers are constantly developing the middle range tractor lines, demanding extra traction performance and fuel efficiency from the tires, with limited space for larger tires.

The TM700 ProgressiveTraction™ is the answer. More efficient, more sustainable to help you to produce more, with less.

The unbeatable performance of the Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction™ is testament to its innovative double edge lug.

While its two points of anchorage boost grip, the stronger base of the lug significantly reduces vibrations, wear and fuel consumption.

In addition, the double edge lug also enhances the inter-lug terraces of the TM tires, maximising the self-cleaning capability of the tire.

The wider base of the ProgressiveTraction™ lug ensures a higher resistance to lug vibrations.The additional lug base surface reduces sinking of the tire in the soil. In addition, the empowered sidewall flexibility leads to the widest footprint in the market, reducing soil compaction.

During high torque operation, the new TM700 ProgressiveTraction™ line performs better than premium brand competitors and significantly better than the average of the market. The reduced working time per hectare results in lower emissions and premium cost efficiency.

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