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Used tractor tires for sale with a warranty.

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Used tires from the wrong seller can leave you flat.

NTS Tire Supply removes the risk from buying used farm tires.

Trust Your Own Eyes

Browse several pictures of any used tire we sell. We point out any damage (cuts, weather rot, etc.) in detail. And you can clearly see the tire’s general condition.

Black Gold Warranty

We offer a warranty on EVERY used tire we sell. Get 2-year prorated coverage plus FREE replacement, repair, or the full purchase price back within 30 days of installation or 6 months after purchase.

Honesty & Experience

Every used tire and wheel we sell undergoes an expert inspection. We know the difference between cosmetic, catastrophic, and everything in between.

20,000 Used Tires sold & Counting

Buy used tires with the same confidence as buying new.

Some sellers slap a tread percentage on a tire and call that good enough. Percent tread is great, but that’s only one factor in a tire’s condition. How is the casing inside? Is that spot a blemish or a blowout waiting to happen?

And some used tires just shouldn’t be mounted in some situations . . . Are other sellers giving you all these details?

We’ve sold over 20,000 farm used tires. If you want the value of a used tire and the confident feeling you enjoy when you buy new, you’ve come to the right place.

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We evaluate 4 categories that will affect the performance of any used farm tire.

Other listings may fall short of your expectation and leave you wondering if a used tire will be your new headache.


Tread Remaining

We don’t guess. We measure. Three times—left, center, and right face. Ours are the most accurate tread depth measurements you’ll find.


Casing Condition

Here we’re looking for the degree of stubble damage, any blemishes, weathering, or inner casing cracks. Weathering generally appears as small cracks or crazing in the sidewall or on the tire’s face, but can occur in a variety of locations, shapes, and sizes. This one’s easy to miss if you (or the seller) don’t know what you’re looking for, which puts you at risk of a future tire failure.

Blemishes include bead damage, blistering, cuts—you name it. We make sure a blemish isn’t a blowout waiting to happen.


Wear Condition

Tractor tires are spending more time on the road at higher speeds, and this can create uneven wear. This reduces the tire’s ability to gain traction, but odd wear can also indicate a more sinister problem: A tire that’s been repeatedly cooked may have sustained damage to the actual rubber compounds, which can leave you at a standstill in a hurry.



Repairs range from expert vulcanized repairs to the “$1.50 special” that someone did in the field by flashlight. Used tires with repairs are not suitable for all applications. Vulcanized repairs, when done correctly, will generally last the life of the tire. We evaluate any repairs on a used tire and highlight this in the description and images.

Any damage or repair information is listed in the Notes section below the Conditions graph on every used tire listing.

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Buy used farm tires with confidence.

With this information at your fingertips, you can buy a used tire with confidence. In the rare event one of our used tires fails you, you’re covered by our 2-Year Black Gold Warranty.