With less expensive, imported tires capturing more of the farm tire market share, Firestone has released two new value tires, the Performer EVO and Performer EVO 23°. Here's how they match up against other radial tractor tires.

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Value is a tricky word in the tire business. It might mean a low purchase price, which often comes with low expectations too.

In agriculture, the wrong value tire often means more than inconvenience. Low-quality tires can rob your operation of productivity, fuel economy, and even resale value. Ever had your eye on the perfect used tractor only to discover it was wearing crappy tires?

There is a new solution if you’re looking for real value: the Firestone Performer EVO. Firestone Ag recently introduced this tire line to compete against Alliance and other value brands.

Firestone Performer EVO and Performer EVO 23° tractor tires
Firestone released two new value tires: the Firestone Performer EVO and Performer EVO 23°.

But I thought value tires were bad? Poor resale, poor quality, short life?

Well, they can be. But here’s the catch: Firestone designed these tires specifically for your secondary, or utility, tractor(s). The tractor you use to feed livestock, transport equipment, pull your neighbor out of the ditch when he misses his driveway at 1 o’clock in the morning . . . all those odd jobs.

And they also work for farmers working less land. (These aren’t the tires for running across 5,000 acres of corn stubble.)

Performer EVOs are not for your big tillage tractor and other high-load, ultra-low-inflation applications. But even your secondary (or utility) tractors cost money to operate. You can’t afford to let efficiency, durability, and performance fly the coop with these tractors either.  

Firestone Performer EVO: A Balance of Value and Performance

Performer EVOs offer all the benefits of radial tires at lower prices than premium tires:

  • Increased sidewall flex for a better ride.
  • Lower inflation pressure than bias tires for less compaction in the field.
  • Deeper R-1W tread for longer wear and improved performance in wet conditions. 15–20% deeper lugs compared to R-1 tires, depending on size and model.
  • 23° and 45° patterns available. Choose Firestone's proven 23° bar tread for time savings with even better fuel economy and traction.
  • 6-year limited warranty including stubble and field hazard policies.

EVO: Short for Evolution. Short on Performance?

At NTS Tire Supply, we’re confident that Firestone Performer EVO tires have their place in the value tire category with a name you can trust. However, there are many great quality import brands such as Alliance, BKT, and Mitas tires that we feel are still a step ahead of the game. These imported brands maintain a history of performing well in light as well as heavy ag use while boasting competitive pricing.

When evaluating value tires, we like to see if certain tire specifications—width, diameter, flat plate area, etc.—fall short of a standard tire.

To see how the Performer EVO tires match up with other radial tires, we compared it with Firestone's Radial All Traction 23° (R-1) tire, the Performer 85 (R-1W) radial tire (not to be confused with the new Performer EVO lineup), and the Radial All Traction FWD tire. We also compared it with the Mitas AC 85 (R-1W) radial tire.

The charts below show how the Firestone Performer EVO tires compare with other radial tires.

Firestone Performer EVO radial tire width comparison
On average, the Firestone Performer EVO tire is 0.4 inches narrower than Firestone's other radial tires and 1.2 inches narrow than the Mitas AC 85 radial tire.
Firestone Performer EVO radial tire overall diameter comparison
On average, the Firestone Performer EVO tire is less than 0.2 inches shorter than Firestone's other radial tires and 0.7 inches shorter than the Mitas AC 85 radial tire.
Firestone Performer EVO radial tire flat plate area comparison
On average, the Firestone Performer EVO tire has 13.1 inches less flat plate area than the Mitas AC 85 radial tire.

Overall, we found the Firestone Performer EVO tires to be slightly narrower, shorter in diameter, and have a slightly smaller flat plate area (the area of the tire that contacts the ground when properly inflated). Interestingly, we found that the Mitas AC 85 radial tire, was slightly larger than the standard Firestone radial tires for nearly every tire size.

Will the Smaller Tire Size Impact Performance?

Probably not. We don't believe the difference in tire width, diameter, and flat plate area on the Firestone Performer EVO tires are substantial enough to be a concern, especially when keeping in mind the purpose of these tires. Remember, the Firestone Performer EVO is not designed for heavy ag use. When used appropriately, the Performer EVO will enable you to gain the benefits of a radial tire with a lower investment.

If the Firestone Performer EVO is right for your application, we have no problem recommending them. If you're interested in pricing a pair of Performer EVOs or any other brand tire, give us a call at 888.787.3559 or reach out to us via our contact page.

October 1, 2018
Product Review


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