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A Detailed Look at Firestone Tractor Tires

Firestone tractor tires are one of the most recognizable brands in the field. Their 23° tread design has made them a traction leader for over 50 years.
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5 Steps for Getting the Most Traction Out of Your 4WD Tractor

Spinning your wheels wastes both time and money. Making these simple adjustments and/or upgrades to your 4WD tractor will get it pulling at peak performance.
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23° vs. 45° Lug Angle: A Guide for Choosing the Right Tread Design

Which is better? Firestone's 23 degree tread design or the 45 degree lug angle? This guide will help you decide which tire to buy for your application.
Product Review

Is There Real Value in Firestone's Performer EVO Lineup?

How does the Firestone Performer EVO tire compare with Firestone's other radial tractor tires and imported radial farm tires? Width, diameter, flat plate area...