If you're in the market for new combine tires, the following comparison of Michelin's CerexBib, CerexBib 2, MegaXBib, and MegaXBib 2 radial combine tires will help you make an informed decision.

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The Michelin CerexBib combine tire features a larger footprint.

Michelin CerexBib: The First Generation IF & CFO Combine Tire

For those familiar with Michelin’s AxioBib, XeoBib, YieldBib, and SprayBib, the CerexBib is the next evolution in Michelin’s Ultraflex tire lineup. The CerexBib is designed specifically for combine applications, although it can also be used in high horsepower and self-propelled spreader applications.

Michelin's Ultraflex tire technology has been around since 2004 when the XeoBib was first brought to market. Ultraflex technology increases the area of the tire's sidewall that can flex freely, thereby enabling the tire to generate a larger footprint.

In addition to Michelin's Ultraflex technology, IF (increased flex) technology has also been built into the CerexBib tire. This enables the tire to carry the same load at 20% lower air pressure than a standard radial tire. Or, you can use the same air pressure to carry 20% more load.

The CerexBib tire also has a CFO (cyclic field operation) designation. CFO simply means that as the machine goes across the field, the load increases and decreases. In the combine application, this occurs as the grain tank fills with grain (load increases) and then empties into the grain cart or trailer (load decreases). The CFO designation increases the tire's load-carrying capacity by an additional 55%.

By combining IF technology and the CFO designation, the CerexBib tire can carry nearly 86% more load at the same pressure as a standard radial tire. These technologies generate a larger footprint size to help increase flotation and traction and decrease soil compaction in the field. For example, the CerexBib IF 800/70R32 CFO tire has a 22% larger footprint that the classic 800/70R32.

Michelin also engineered CerexBib tires for the rear of the combine. The rear CerexBib combine tires feature VF (very increased flex) technology. VF tires can carry the same load at 40% lower air pressure than a standard radial tire. Applying VF technology to the rear of the combine helps reduce over-inflation in the field while maintaining the ability for high-speed road travel once the header comes off and more weight is transferred back onto the rear axle.

The VF Michelin CerexBib 2 with the CFO+ designation is the next generation combine tire that delivers an even larger footprint than the CereXBib and MegaXBib tires.

Michelin CerexBib 2: Michelin's Most Advanced Combine Tire

Released in 2018, the CerexBib 2 delivers a 15% larger footprint than the CerexBib it replaced. Compared to the MegaXBib, the CerexBib delivers a 35% larger footprint size.

The CerexBib 2 is VF and CFO+ marked. (Select sizes have remained IF marked.) The VF mark means it can carry the same load at up to 40% lower air pressure than a conventional radial tire. Michelin’s CFO+ technology offers a second, lower 6 mph cyclic loading table over the standard 10 mph CFO loading table. With CFO+, farmers may gain as much as a 10% bonus in load carrying capacity over a normal CFO designation. CFO+ also gives farmers the option of carrying the same load at lower tire pressures. For farmers who are looking to maximize their combine’s flotation capabilities, increase traction, and reduce compaction, the CerexBib 2 is Michelin’s top choice.

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The Michelin MegaXBib combine tire features 2 metal crown plies and a higher turn up area for a stronger tire with increased load capacity and operator comfort.

Michelin MegaXBib: A Durable Radial Combine Tire

Designed to carry heavy loads in combine and self-propelled spreader applications, the Michelin MegaXBib features 2 innovations:

  • 2 metal crown plies that increase the tire’s load capacity,
  • And 3 casing plies with a higher turn up area on the sidewall that maximizes the strength of the tire.

The construction of the MegaXBib provides a flat, stable tread for even load distribution, and its flexible sidewalls deliver a more comfortable ride for the operator. The MegaXBib is a quality combine tire. However, it does not feature Michelin's Ultraflex, IF, VF, or CFO tire technologies.

The Michelin MegaXBib 2 combine tire is marked with Stubble Shield technology. This, along with its reinforced carcass, makes the MegaXBib more resistant to stubble damage and extends the life of the tire.

Michelin MegaXBib 2: More Durable for a Longer Life

The Michelin MegaXBib 2 is the next generation tire in Michelin’s MegaXBib lineup. MegaXBib 2’s reinforced carcass and new stubble shield marking indicates that this tire is more resistant to stubble damage and should provide a longer tire life over the previous generation tire. Like the first generation MegaXBib tire, it does not feature Michelin's Ultraflex, IF, VF, or CFO tire technologies.

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Which combine tires are the best for my operation?

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August 13, 2019
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