Challenger’s MT800 is a versatile workhorse: Equip it with narrow tracks to pull the largest center-fill planter you can find. Or, mount a 30- or 36-inch track setup and use it for the most extreme pulling on the farm—heavy or high-speed tillage, manure application, or grain carting.

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If your MT800’s tracks are showing signs of wear, now is the time to invest in replacements so your workhorse is ready to drive your operation forward this season. Preventative maintenance is always more cost effective than dealing with an emergency replacement in the field during the thick of spring or fall fieldwork. We’ve highlighted our favorite track models below based on our experience and feedback from NTS Tire Supply customers.

Compare track options for Challenger MT800 series tractors.

Camso: A Customer Favorite with Proven Durability

Why do we call Camso a customer favorite? Because Camso tracks last longer than the competition, in our experience. (Plus, Camso supplies the Challenger MT800’s OEM tracks.) Camso is known in the industry for its vulcanized (glued on) lugs. While some manufacturers claim that this can cause the lugs to completely separate from the track’s body, we can tell you that, in our experience, this simply isn’t true, except in extremely rare circumstances. 

We feel that Camso’s vulcanizing process actually adds to the tracks’ durability. Focusing on the carcass as a separate manufacturing step allows Camso to ensure that the cables are spaced and aligned perfectly in the carcass. This allows the tracks to align better and run true for a longer-lasting track. True to the company’s promise, we’ve found that Camso tracks do deliver uniform tread wear, which could translate into “an extra season of work” before you have to replace them. Camso’s track lineup offers a 4-year or 2,000-hour warranty under agricultural usage.

Camso offers several friction-drive track models in a range of widths.

1. 6500 General Ag

1. 4500 General Ag
2. 6500 General Ag

1. 2500 General Ag
2. 4500 General Ag & Sideslope
3. 6500 General Ag
4. 6500 High Roading

1. 2500 General Ag
2. 4500 General Ag & Sideslope
3. 6500 General Ag
4. 6500 High Roading
5. 6500 Scraper

1. 4500 General Ag
2. 6500 High Roading
3. 6500 Scraper

*Camso is the sole track supplier for this width.

Camso 4500 General Ag for Challenger MT800 track series tractors.

4500 General Ag: Your Top Choice from Camso

Our favorite Camso track, the 4500 General Ag, balances a competitive price with reliability and performance that suits most farmers pulling with the MT800. Equipped with Camso’s TrackShield™ carcass technology, the 4500 is 20% more resistant to punctures than its little brother, the 2500. Its tread bar balances traction, flotation, and cleanout for all-around performance in a wide variety of field conditions. This isn’t a specialist track: it’s designed to suit the needs of most growers under less-than-extreme weights and job duties. There is a sideslope version of this track available in the 27.5- and 30-inch widths. Basically, it's the same track as the 4500 but with beefier guide lugs to better hold the track in place when operating across hilly terrain. Camso recommends the 4500 for tractors that perform tillage and row-crop applications for 500–1,000 hours per year.

Camso 6500 General Ag for Challenger MT800 track series tractors.

6500 General Ag: Heavy-duty Construction for Longer Life

For the 6500, Camso declares a 30% per hour cost savings when compared to the competition’s tracks, due to the track’s sturdy construction. In fact, the company claims that you’ll see “an extra season of work” from these tracks thanks to the industry’s largest main cables, high-grade rubber compounds, and TrackShield™ carcass technology. The company recommends the 6500 for tractors that perform ripping and other heavy duties for more than 1,000 hours per year. 

Camso 6500 Scraper for Challenger MT800 track series tractors.

6500 Scraper: For the Most Severe Conditions

Camso adds even thicker (6.7 mm vs. 5.4 mm) cables to its 6500 General ag package to create the 6500 Scraper—the company’s heaviest-duty track. A blend of 6 different rubber compounds helps the tread bars and track carcass resist chunking, cuts, and other damage under severe conditions. The lower, wider tread bars provide enormous grip under the worst conditions, such as those found on a road construction site.  

Camso 6500 High Roading for Challenger MT800 track series tractors.

6500 High Roading: For Hard Ground or Many Miles

Camso’s high-roading track sports a unique, wider tread bar taper for more tread contact with the ground and a stiffer carcass. With 10% more tread area, the 6500 high roading track is right at home pulling across hard, packed ground or running many miles down the road between fields. 

Camso 2500 General Ag for Challenger MT800 track series tractors.

2500 General Ag: Priced to Move

Camso bills the 2500 as its price-fighter, suitable for standard ag applications on tractors that work between 100 and 500 hours per year. Even though the 2500 is Camso’s “entry” replacement track, the company claims that its tread bar will outlast the competitors’ by 25%. The company also claims a 15 percent lower cost per hour (versus competitors) thanks to the track’s sturdy construction and lower price.

Yieldmaster Tracks: Camso Quality at a Value Price

Do you want a track with Camso specs in a 30- or 36-inch width but need to save money? Then consider Yieldmaster tracks. Manufactured by Camso, the Yieldmaster is nearly identical to the Camso 4500 General Ag save for the lug design and shorter guide lugs. It features “hauler step design” tread bars, which are designed to promote a smooth ride with good wear, cleanout, and traction properties. If your tractor works between 500 and 1,000 hours per season on general tillage, the Yieldmaster may be a good fit for your operation. Their warranty is the same as Camso too: coverage for 4 years or 2,000 hours.

Firestone Tracks

Firestone offers two options for the MT800, both in the 30-inch width:

  1. All Traction Class 5
  2. All Traction Class 6

Firestone all traction class 5 for MT800 track series tractors.

All Traction Class 5

Firestone tracks are constructed with one-piece vulcanization, a 4-ply main cable, and the company’s PRO-EDGE design, all of which promote reliability and protection against field obstacles. According to Firestone, the chamfered (grooved) tread bars are designed to cut down on soil disturbance, and their 6-inch pitch promotes a smooth ride down the road. NTS Tire Supply customers agree. Based on feedback we’ve received, the Class 5 has better real-world ride quality than the Class 6. The Class 5 sports 132 tread bars compared to the Class 6’s 100. Closer-spaced tread bars will generally give you a smoother ride. However, the tight lug spacing can affect performance during heavy-pulling applications—especially since the tread bars on the Class 5 are shorter than the Class 6's (1.97" versus 2.76"). For carting or planting, however, the Class 5 is perfectly adequate.

Firestone all traction class 6 for MT800 track series tractors.

All Traction Class 6

The Class 6 packs the same design and construction techniques as the Class 5 into a more aggressive package. Compared to the Class 5’s tread, the Class 6 is taller and has a wider pitch. This results in better cleanout during wet conditions and greater traction overall. We consider this a fairly aggressive tread, which is best suited to heavy tillage applications. The downside to the increase in traction is a rougher ride down the road, thanks to the taller and more widely spaced lugs. Keep this in mind if you have to travel a lot of miles between your fields as you’ll have a tradeoff in comfort for added traction in the dirt. 

Both Firestone models include a 4-year/4,000-hour warranty. 

Loc Performance Tracks

In December 2021, defense contractor Loc Performance acquired Continental's track facility and product line. Founded in 1971 to produce auto parts, Loc Performance became a defense contractor in 1985 and began manufacturing tracks for the military in 2014. In the past, we haven't recommended these tracks due to customers experiencing some significant issues with them. Casing separation, which causes the cords to become exposed, seems to be a common problem. However, if you’ve had good luck with Continental tracks in the past and want to outfit your MT800 with another set, there is one model available in the 30- or 36-inch width. Time will tell if the quality of these tracks will improve under the watchful eyes of Loc Performance.

Loc Performance Trackman® HP Extreme

At the heart of these tracks are galvanized wire cables, which resist corrosion and premature failure. There are also 50% more wires (12 wires per inch versus 8) in the tracks' casings compared to the competition. The Trackman® HP Extreme—the company’s top track—includes MAXXTUFF™ steel belt reinforcement, which it bills as the strongest on the market. An Intelligent Track Monitoring System uses sensors embedded in the tracks to detect excessive heat buildup in real time. The system will warn you to slow down to prevent track damage, which may offer peace of mind for some growers. 

Improve Traction & Avoid a Time-Consuming Track Failure

The “off season” is the best time to review the health of your MT800’s tracks. The last problem you want during a busy spring or fall is an in-field failure that brings your workhorse to a complete stop. Or maybe you’re wondering if your MT800’s tracks are optimized for your specific needs? It might be time to upgrade your tracks to gain more traction, use less fuel, and drive your profit per acre higher. Contact NTS Tire Supply to talk with a tire and track expert today. 

And don’t forget about the health of your midrollers and other track hardware. We sell all track system components, and our experts will make sure your Challenger MT800 is on track for a successful and productive season.

Compare track options for Challenger MT800 series tractors.

August 30, 2022
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