Tracks give you an unbeatable footprint in the field for excellent traction and flotation. Wet or dry conditions, hilly or flat land, row crop planting or heavy tillage, tracks excel at putting a tractor’s power to the ground.

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We’re wrapping up our spring series of PTK track articles with a look at your track options for the John Deere 9RX. Since a couple of the 9RX models are available in both wide and narrow undercarriage configurations (narrow for working 22-, 30-, or 40-inch row crops), there are 18- and 24-inch track widths in addition to 30- and 36-inch track choices. Camso is currently the lone manufacturer for 9RX tracks. Within the Camso lineup you have a few options, which range from the 3500 General Ag to the 6500 Scraper for the toughest ag and construction applications. 

Compare track options for John Deere 9RX series tractors.

With spring fieldwork winding down, this is the perfect time to review the health of your 9RX’s tracks. If they’re damaged from field hazards or just plain worn out and ready to be retired, now is the best time to replace them. No one likes downtime due to a track failure. 

Camso Tracks: Durable, Reliable.

Camso (formerly Camoplast) offers 3 replacement track models for your Deere 9RX in 4 widths. Before we discuss the individual track models, let’s familiarize ourselves with Camso’s engineering philosophy and how it helps the tracks perform in the real world. 

Camso is known for its vulcanized (glued on) lugs. While some may worry about lug separation, we can tell you that, in our experience, this issue is very rare and you’re not likely to ever experience it with Camso’s tracks. Why does Camso use the vulcanizing process during manufacturing? Durability. The molding process that other manufacturers use to mold the lugs and casing as a single unit can cause the cables inside the track to curve and deflect from their proper position during the manufacturing process. Camso’s unique manufacturing process maintains nearly perfect spacing and uniformity between the cables. What does this mean for your operation? The tracks will align better and run true for a longer-lasting track.  

Camso stands behind its tracks with a 4-year/2,000 hour warranty for agricultural usage. As we mentioned above, Camso offers 3 track models for your John Deere 9RX. 

  1. 3500 General Ag - Positive Drive
  2. 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive (including 18- and 24-inch widths for 9RX narrow undercarriage models)
  3. 6500 Scraper - Positive Drive

Camso 3500 General Ag track for John Deere 9RX series tractors

3500 General Ag - Positive Drive

This track strikes a balance between reliability, quality, and price. This OEM-approved option is a good choice for machines that perform 500 to 1,000 hours of general tillage or row crop work annually. It features that same tapered tread bar design as the 6500 General Ag track that balances traction, cleanout, and flotation for excellent performance in wet soils. The drive lugs are specifically designed for the 9RX’s sprockets, which helps the tractor transfer the maximum possible amount of power to the ground.

Camso 6500 General Ag track for John Deere 9RX series tractors

Camso 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive

The 6500 General Ag features the same basic design and tread pattern as the 3500 General Ag but adds an additional layer of internal reinforcement to the drive lugs. This makes the 6500 suitable for growers who run their 9RX up and down the fields for more than 1,000 hours per year under the most demanding pulling conditions—heavy ripping and tillage. In fact, Camso advertises that its 6500 General Ag will “give you an extra season of work,” reducing your cost per hour by an average of 30 percent.

Camso 6500 Scrapper Ag track for John Deere 9RX series tractors

6500 Scraper - Positive Drive

The 6500 Scraper sports wider, shorter tread bars for increased traction during the most demanding ag or construction scraper applications. This severe-duty track includes Duradrive—Camso’s internal fabric reinforcement exclusive to its positive drive tracks, which gives the 6500 Scraper increased puncture and hazard resistance and better wear resistance: exactly what you need for the toughest jobs.

Avoid a Costly Track Failure, Improve Traction & Performance

Whether you want to safeguard your uptime or improve your 9RX’s performance by upgrading to a premium track, call or drop a line to talk with an expert at NTS Tire Supply today.  Interested in switching your combine, planter, or grain cart to a track system? We handle all types of tracks for all types of tractors and implements, and we are eager to connect you with the best products to move your operation forward.

Compare track options for John Deere 9RX series tractors.

June 1, 2021
Product Review


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