Tracks offer an unbeatable footprint for excellent traction and flotation in both wet or dry conditions. And if you have a tracked machine (or several), it’s probably one of the hardest working machines on your farm: your dependable workhorse for tillage, pulling the grain cart, or other high-horse applications. Right now—before the next busy season is upon us—is the perfect time to review the health of your track systems and ensure that they’re ready for the demands you’re about to place on them.

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Below we review some of our best sellers and top performers that will keep your Case IH Steiger or STX Quadtrac—and field work—on track for success this year. Each of our top picks shares one attribute you can’t live without: durability. As you’re well aware, the last thing you can afford during spring planting or fall harvest is downtime due to a track failure in the field! 

Compare Camso, Continental, Soucy, and Yieldmaster track specs for Case IH Quadtrac tractors.

Soucy tracks for Case IH Quadtrac tractor
Case IH 620 Quadtrac tractor with Soucy replacement tracks.
Soucy replacement track for Case IH Quadtrac tractors

Top Seller & Top Track: Soucy Quadtrac Tracks

Soucy sells an impressive variety of track systems. The company has experience outfitting everything from army tanks to ATVs. With so much engineering expertise and a 50-year-history of designing and manufacturing tracks, it’s no wonder Soucy sells some of the best tracks for the agriculture market. Soucy entered the replacement market in 2017 and currently offers tracks in 30" and 36" widths. These replacements will look very similar to the OEM Continental (or Goodyear) tracks you’re used to seeing on Case IH Quadtracs. 

Heat buildup is the top track killer, and the reason we love Soucy tracks is because they’ve proven that they can handle the heat. They shrug off high-speed road travel up to 25 mph and have demonstrated superior heat performance during extreme pulling when compared to some top competitors. Soucy shows confidence in its tracks’ durability with a 5-year or 3,000-hour warranty—the longest track warranty in the industry. 

Based on our experience at NTS Tire Supply, we believe Soucy’s replacement track is the top-quality, premium replacement option for your Case IH Quadtrac. When we factored in Soucy’s unbeatable price and sales history, it was an easy decision to crown Soucy’s tracks our top track.  

Proven Durability: Camso Quadtrac Tracks

Camso (formerly Camoplast) offers 3 replacement track models for your Case IH Quadtrac. Before we discuss the actual tracks, it’s helpful to understand how the company’s engineering choices set these tracks apart from their competition.  

Camso is known for its vulcanized (glued on) lugs. Other manufacturers regard this as an inferior manufacturing method, as they claim that lugs can completely detach from the track’s body. We have a lot of experience with Camso tracks, and we can tell you with confidence that this issue is so rare that you will probably never experience it with Camso tracks. In our opinion, some of the other manufacturers have used isolated failures related to Camso’s vulcanizing technique as a scare tactic to push their own products and designs. 

So why does Camso design its tracks with vulcanized lugs? In short—durability. The molding process that other manufacturers use to mold the lugs and casing as a single unit can cause the cables inside the track to curve and deflect from their proper position during the manufacturing process. Camso’s unique manufacturing process maintains nearly perfect spacing and uniformity between the cables. What does this mean for your operation? The tracks will align better and run true for a longer-lasting track. 

That said, other manufacturers who use a single-cure process have become better at clamping down on cord deflection issues. However, in our experience, Camso seems to have the most uniform internal cord structure. And we've found that Camso tracks have excellent tread wear properties, which translate to a longer-lasting track for you. 

Beyond 30"- and 36"-wide track models, Camso also offers an exclusive 32"-wide track option, which keeps the idler wheels centered on the main cables to improve alignment, reduce wear on the drive lug side, and protect the idlers and midrollers from edge chunking. Camso also offers remanufactured tracks—essentially retreads—that can save growers a chunk of change over new tracks. However, these tracks are only available for friction-drive tracks, so these aren't options for your Case IH Quadtrac.

Camso's complete track lineup for the Case IH Steiger and STX Quadtracs comes with a 4-year or 2,000-hour warranty under agricultural usage. The company offers 3 models for the Quadtrac:

  1. 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive
  2. 6500 Scraper - Positive Drive
  3. 3500 General Ag - Positive Drive

Camso 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive track for Case IH Quadtrac tractors

Camso 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive

Maximum traction and superior cleanout properties make the 6500 General Ag the best choice among Camso’s lineup for your high-horsepower Quadtrac. Compared to the Scraper model, the General Ag track features a more tapered tread bar, which helps the track clean out better in sticky soils and provide more confident traction. If you’re logging more than 1,000 hours on your tracks annually and you need to do heavy ripping and tillage, the 6500 General Ag should be on your shopping list.

Camso 6500 Scraper - Positive Drive track for Case IH Quadtrac tractors

Camso 6500 Scraper - Positive Drive

The 6500 Scraper - Positive Drive track features a shorter, more blocky lug shape than the 6500 General Ag (1.6"-deep tread versus 2.0"-deep tread). If you rack up a lot of road miles each season you may want to consider the 6500 Scraper. The model’s wider tread will last a little longer for long-distance roaders, but you will sacrifice some traction and cleanout capabilities when compared to the 6500 General Ag.

Camso 3500 General Ag - Positive Drive track for Case IH Quadtrac tractors

3500 General Ag - Positive Drive

This track strikes a balance between reliability/quality and price. This OEM-approved option is a good choice for machines that perform 500 to 1,000 hours of general tillage annually. It features that same tapered tread bar design as the 6500 General Ag track for excellent performance in wet soils.

Yieldmaster Quadtrac Tracks

The Yieldmaster, manufactured by Camso and sold as a separate brand, is nearly identical to the Camso 3500 General Ag. It features a stepped lug design for a smooth ride and optimum traction and wear. The lug design and shorter drive lug length are the only features that set it apart from the Camso 3500 General Ag. The Yieldmaster has an identical warranty to Camso tracks: coverage for 4 years or 2,000 hours.  

Its nearly identical specs to the Camso 3500 General Ag and its slightly lower cost make the Yieldmaster an attractive choice if you’ll be mounting it on a tractor that works between 500 and 1,000 hours per season on general tillage.

Loc Performance Quadtrac Tracks

Defense contractor Loc Performance acquired Continental's track facility and product line in December 2021. Founded in 1971 to produce auto parts, Loc Performance became a defense contractor in 1985 and began producing tracks for the military in 2014. The former Continental tracks (which were formerly Goodyear tracks) have been Case IH’s most common OEM choice since it released the Quadtrac.

Unfortunately, we have experienced more warranty claims with these tracks compared to other brands. We've had issues with the inner cords becoming exposed which can eventually stop you in your tracks (literally), so we tend to steer customers towards other brands with more dependable performance.

If you've had good luck with these tracks and want to stick with them, here is an overview of the models they currently have available for Case IH Quadtrac tractors.

Loc Performance T800 ULTRA

With positive drive tracks, drive lugs will sometimes start to separate (or break off entirely) from the casing when you subject them to extensive hard-pulling applications. To address this problem, Continental improved its tracks in 2017 with its patented drive lug —the ARMORLUG ULTRA®—with three fabric layers embedded in the track’s drive lugs. Loc Performance states that these lugs last up to 30% longer than any other positive-drive track. In addition, the ULTRA model features improved anti-vibration technology that reduces vibrations by 50% to 70% over standard tracks under heavy drawbar use. The T800 ULTRA AG comes with an attractive 4-year warranty.

Loc Performance T700 ARMOR

Released in 2008, the T700 ARMOR features up to 23% longer track life than the older T600 XP model. This track is best mounted on tractors that don’t engage in extreme pulling and work less than 1,000 hours annually. It offers a 4-year warranty. 

Loc Performance T600 XP

The T600 XP can be a viable option for lower horsepower tractors (under 400 hp) that aren’t used in extreme pulling applications. It also comes with a 4-year warranty. 

Firestone Tracks

In early 2021 Firestone broke into the positive-drive track segment with the 32-inch Maxi-TRI X. With a wide, double-angle tread bar, the Maxi-TRI X is designed to put more tread on the ground for increased traction, less compaction, and longer tread life. Plus, the tread design combats mud lift and has excellent clean-out properties for better performance during wet seasons. Utilizing Firestone’s Pro-Edge sidewall protection, the Maxi-TRI X is built to withstand the bending and stress that accompanies heavy pulling across a variety of field conditions. 

Choose the Right Tracks to Improve Traction & Avoid a Track Failure

Click on the chart below to compare the specifications of all the track models that were discussed in this article. If you want guidance choosing the right tracks for your Quadtrac, simply call us or drop us a line to talk with an expert at NTS Tire Supply. We'll help you outfit your Quadtrac(s) with the best replacement tracks based on your unique needs, including the amount of extreme pulling and road travel you do each season.

Interested in switching your combine, planter, or grain cart to a track system? Have a green tractor and are just reading this because you got tired of looking for tax documents? NTS Tire Supply handles all types of tracks for all types of tractors and implements, and we are eager to connect you with the best products to move your operation forward.

Compare Camso, Continental, Soucy, and Yieldmaster track specs for Case IH Quadtrac tractors.

August 30, 2022
Product Review


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