Tracks offer a large footprint for excellent traction and flotation in both wet or dry conditions. Because they’re an important component in your entire operation, now is the time to review the health of the tracks on your Rowtrac. Make sure they’re ready for the demands you’ll place on them during the busy spring season and throughout the year to ensure that you maximize your operation’s uptime. Below we review some of our best sellers and top-performers that will keep your Case IH Steiger or Magnum Rowtrac—and your fieldwork—on track for success this year.

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Compare track models for Case IH Steiger & Magnum Rowtrac track options.

All of our top picks share one attribute you can’t live without: durability. Proven performance under tough field conditions is a must: the last crisis you want to have during spring fieldwork is downtime due to a track failure in the field.

Soucy AceTrack™ replacement track for Case IH Rowtrac tractors

Highly Recommended: Soucy Tracks

Soucy sells an impressive variety of track systems. The company has experience outfitting everything from army tanks to ATVs. With so much engineering expertise and a 50-year-history of designing and manufacturing tracks, it’s no wonder Soucy sells some of the best tracks for the agriculture market. 

Soucy’s replacement tracks for the Rowtrac are available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch widths. Soucy’s engineering efforts for its line have focused on reducing heat buildup, which is the number one track killer. Capable of sustained speeds up to 25 miles per hour—even with the Rowtrac’s narrow track width—you’ll travel between fields faster (and more comfortably). We love Soucy tracks because they’ve proven again and again that they can handle the heat in real-world conditions—right in the thick of demanding fieldwork. 

High-profile tread bars help increase traction and reduce slip, which will save you both time and fuel. A rubber compound that balances rigidity with excellent wear properties also tamps down vibrations for a smoother ride in the field and down the road. Soucy delivers the longest warranty in the track industry—5 years or 3,000 hours. 

Based on our experience at NTS Tire Supply, we believe Soucy’s replacement track is a top-quality, premium replacement option for your Case IH Rowtrac. 

Proven Durability: Camso Tracks

Camso (formerly Camoplast) offers 4 replacement track models for your Case IH Rowtrac in 4 widths. Before we discuss the actual tracks, it’s helpful to understand how the company’s engineering choices set these tracks apart from their competition.  

Camso is known for its vulcanized (glued on) lugs. Other manufacturers regard this as an inferior manufacturing method, as they claim that lugs can completely detach from the track’s body. We have a lot of experience with Camso tracks, and we can tell you with confidence that this issue is so rare that you will probably never experience it with Camso tracks. In our opinion, some of the other manufacturers have used isolated failures related to Camso’s vulcanizing technique as a scare tactic to push their own products and designs. 

So why does Camso design its tracks with vulcanized lugs? In short—durability. The molding process that other manufacturers use to mold the lugs and casing as a single unit can cause the cables inside the track to curve and deflect from their proper position during the manufacturing process. Camso’s unique manufacturing process maintains nearly perfect spacing and uniformity between the cables. What does this mean for your operation? The tracks will align better and run true for a longer-lasting track. 

That said, other manufacturers who use a single-cure process have become better at clamping down on cord deflection issues. However, in our experience, Camso seems to have the most uniform internal cord structure. And we've found that Camso tracks have excellent tread wear properties, which translate to a longer-lasting track for you.

Camso's complete track lineup for the Case IH Steiger and Magnum Rowtracs comes with a 4-year or 2,000-hour warranty under agricultural usage. The company offers 4 models for Rowtracs:

  1. Top Choice: 4500 High Roading - Positive Drive
  2. 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive
  3. 3500 General Ag - Positive Drive
  4. 3500 High Traction - Positive Drive

Camso 4500 High Roading replacement track for Case IH Rowtrac tractors

Your Top Choice from Camso: 4500 High Roading - Positive Drive

With tread nearly as deep as the 6500 General Ag, and with wider tread tips for longer wear life, we believe the 4500 is your best replacement option among Camso’s track offerings. Camso designed the 4500 to improve your efficiency by slashing the time you spend on the road. Like Soucy’s tracks, the Camso 4500 High Roading is also capable of sustained speeds up to 25 miles per hour—even with the Rowtrac’s narrow track width—you’ll travel between fields faster (and more comfortably) and enjoy a longer tread life to boot. Camso specifically designed the 4-ply “Trackshield” carcass to withstand the high temperatures associated with high-speed roading. As an additional benefit, the 4500 carcass is also 20% more puncture resistant than the company’s 3500 carcass, which provides extra protection against common field hazards.

Camso 6500 General Ag replacement track for Case IH Rowtrac tractors

Camso 6500 General Ag - Positive Drive

Maximum traction and superior cleanout properties make the 6500 General Ag a strong contender among Camso’s lineup for your Rowtrac. The General Ag track features a more tapered tread bar, which helps the track clean out better in sticky soils and provide more confident traction. The company has incorporated high-grade rubber compounds and internally reinforced lugs into the 6500 to ensure that it provides long-lasting durability for your operation. In fact, Camso advertises that its 6500 General Ag track will “give you an extra season of work.” 

Camso 3500 General Ag replacement track for Case IH Rowtrac tractors

3500 General Ag - Positive Drive

This track strikes a balance between reliability/quality and price. This OEM-approved option is a good choice for machines that perform 500 to 1,000 hours of general tillage annually. It features that same tapered tread bar design as the 6500 General Ag track for excellent performance in wet soils.

Camso 3500 High Traction replacement track for Case IH Rowtrac tractors

3500 High Traction - Positive Drive

The 3500 High Traction from Camso is designed to penetrate deeper in hard soils for increased traction. The treadbar features a large pitch with narrower tread tips to achieve the deeper soil penetration. The High Traction model also boasts better cleanout in muddy field conditions. Downsides to this model include a possible increase in compaction and less roading ability. If you have long distances to travel between fields, you may want to go with the Soucy AceTrack or Camso 4500 High Roading. 

Loc Performance T600 Row Tech

Defense contractor Loc Performance acquired Continental's track facility and product line in December 2021. Founded in 1971 to produce auto parts, Loc Performance became a defense contractor in 1985 and began manufacturing tracks for the military in 2014. Product details have stayed the same, however, and these tracks are still a continuation of the OEM-style tracks found on Case tractors. At this time, we don’t recommend these replacement tracks because we’ve seen some significant issues with them. A common problem is casing separation, which causes the cords to be exposed. We even had a farmer end up with the cables wound up in his track system, which literally “locked up” the tractor, making it impossible to budge. While we’ve included information on the Trackman® options in this article for the sake of giving you a complete list of your options, we highly recommend you stick with Soucy or Camso for your Rowtrac replacement tracks. Time will tell if quality improves under the watchful eye of Loc Performance.

Improve Traction & Avoid a Track Failure: Upgrade Tracks on Your Case IH Rowtrac

Call or drop a line to talk with an expert at NTS Tire Supply today. With spring fieldwork just around the corner, now is the time to outfit your Steiger or Magnum Rowtrac(s) with the best replacement tracks based on your unique needs, including common soil types in your fields and the amount of road travel you do each season.

Interested in switching your combine, planter, or grain cart to a track system? Have a green tractor and are looking for replacement tracks? We handle all types of tracks for all types of tractors and implements, and we are eager to connect you with the best products to move your operation forward.

Compare track models for Case IH Steiger & Magnum Rowtrac track options.

August 30, 2022
Product Review


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