Goodyear LSW super singles are becoming a more common sight in farm fields across the United States. Because the product line includes the largest ag tire on the planet, they tend to grab attention—even when zooming by in your pickup at 60 mph. And now, Goodyear/Titan has unleashed another version of ag’s largest tire: The 1400 Custom Flo Grip. These beasts are more than eye candy. LSWs will bring some sweet benefits to your farm, from higher yields to serious improvements in flotation . . . even in the muddiest conditions.

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Low Sidewalls for Higher Performance

Goodyear’s full line of LSW tire sizes hit the ag market in 2014. (Testing for the concept began in the late 1990s.) The principle behind LSW tires is simple: They have a larger rim diameter and shorter sidewalls than standard tires. For example, a standard 800/70R38 becomes an LSW800/55R46. Both are approximately 81 inches tall. The 800 size, and its 900-width cousin, were two of Goodyear’s earliest LSWs. Today, the company produces a full line of sizes—from 320s up to massive 1400 super singles—that incorporate the taller wheel/shorter sidewall concept.

Why did Goodyear build out an entire LSW product line? Just to do something different? As it turns out (and we’ve confirmed this), LSWs can deliver increased productivity for your farm:

  • Higher yields & less soil compaction
  • Increased traction & working speeds
  • Unbeatable mud performance
  • Elimination or reduction of power hop and road lope.

These benefits stem from the taller wheel/shorter sidewall design. With shorter sidewalls, there’s less deformation and flexing of the tire, which is often the culprit in power/hop road lope situations. Excessive flexing in the casing can also lead to a less-stable footprint, which in turn means poorer traction, slower working speeds, and even increased rutting and handling problems. The LSW design helps farmers conquer these problems, one tire revolution at a time.

LSW Super Singles for Head-Turning Impact

This beast is ready to put all its power to the ground AND float over the ground to protect the soil.

Super singles are the most recognizable LSWs. These tires are designed to replace traditional dual setups on combines, 4WD tractors, and even row crop machines. At NTS Tire Supply, we’ve been selling Goodyear LSW super singles since 2017. Customers who buy them tend to love them, especially for planting tractor and combine applications. Some growers will also run them on large 4WDs and even mount them on grain carts. (LSWs have equally huge load ratings.)

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LSW Vs. Duals: More Footprint = More Potential

How do LSWs deliver higher productivity for your farm? It boils down to their larger footprints. Let’s compare two planting tractor setups. (Thanks to Goodyear for the numbers on this one.) 

It's easy to see the super-sized footprint of the LSW. Plus, there's no gap between the wheels to plug with mud and debris.

A familiar MFWD planting tractor setup with 480/80R50 duals in the rear and 420/85R34 duals up front has a 2,488 in2 footprint. (Goodyear measured the tractor’s footprint with the fronts inflated to 20 psi and the rears inflated to 26 psi.)

The comparable LSW setup, mounting 1100/45R46 singles in the rear and 1000/45R32 singles in the front, puts down a 3,652 in2 footprint. (Goodyear measured the tractor’s footprint with the fronts inflated to 12 psi and the rears inflated to 15 psi.)

The super single setup puts down a footprint that is more than 40% larger than the dual setup. And that’s how you gain traction, flotation, working speed, and fuel economy (along with these tire’s more stable sidewalls).

Yes, You Can Plant in Your Tire Tracks

Yes, you can plant into your tractor's tire tracks without losing yield.

In 2018 NTS Tire Supply sponsored a study to see if planting into the tracks of Goodyear LSW super singles would crush or protect yields. The answer? Yes, you can plant behind LSWs without losing yields.

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A 2016 study, conducted by Titan International in Iowa, reached the same conclusion as our study: planting into the tracks of 1100 LSWs has the potential to deliver more bushels per acre than planting with a traditional dual setup. In the corn test plot, ground planted with a tractor wearing Goodyear LSW super singles yielded 5 bushels more per acre compared to ground planted with duals. In the study’s soybean plot, ground planted with the LSW tractor yielded 6 bushels more per acre compared to the dual setup.

Your Success Depends on Tire Pressure with Any Tire Setup

The footprint measurements listed above are only valid if the tires are inflated properly. In our experience, many farmers are running their tires at higher pressures than necessary in the field. So that 2,488 in2 footprint on the dual setup above might actually be optimistic. If those tires are inflated to 35 psi, for example, that tractor’s footprint would actually be smaller. And that means even more problems with compaction, rutting, poor traction, and wasted fuel and time. (Not to mention faster tire wear and a harsh ride.)

You shouldn't set your pressures too low either, especially if your tires have to hold up over long miles of high road speeds. Want help setting your tire pressures? The traction experts at NTS can offer you guidance over the phone, and if you’re in our service route area, one of our service techs can scale your machine to figure out the exact tire pressures you should be running based on your operating conditions. Contact NTS if you want help setting your tire pressures to improve your farm’s productivity.

Choose the LSW Tire Option that’s Right for Your Farm

The big news in 2023 is the arrival of a new Custom Flo Grip size—the massive 1400, which is primarily designed to replace wide dual setups on today’s largest combines. (This tire could also be a mean mud performer on a big 4WD in the right conditions.) Let’s run down all your options if you want to increase your farm’s productivity with LSW tire performance. Tire sizes/packages are available for your:

  • Planting tractor
  • 4WD tractor
  • Combine
  • Grain Cart

Custom Flo Grip

As we just mentioned, Goodyear has now released the Custom Flo Grip in the 1400 size. Farmers from southern Minnesota and the Dakotas all the way to the Southeast have asked for the supersized Custom Flo Grip. With deep R-2 tread, the Flo Grip is the top LSW option if you’ll be operating in wet conditions. Most often these are mounted on combines, but Goodyear claims that the Custom Flo Grip is a good option when you’re operating in extremely wet conditions 60–80% of the time. And despite its aggressive tread, the Custom Flo Grip is designed to deliver performance on the road as well. Many sizes are B rated for a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.

Available Custom Flo Grip LSW Sizes

  • LSW1400/30R46
  • LSW1250/35R46
  • LSW900/50R42
  • LSW850/50R30
  • LSW750/60R30


The Optitrac sports R-1W tread and Goodyear’s latest and greatest rubber compounds and construction technology. Its lug design promotes traction in the field as well as stability and a comfortable ride both in the field and down the road. The Optitrac product line is a mile long, with LSW sizes available from the world’s largest super singles all the way down to models designed to mount on row crop tractors.

Available Optitrac LSW Sizes

  • LSW1400/30R46
  • LSW1250/35R46
  • LSW1100/35R32, LSW1100/45R46
  • LSW1000/45R32
  • LSW900/60R42, LSW900/50R46
  • LSW850/55R30
  • LSW800/50R42, LSW800/55R46
  • LSW750/45R30, LSW750/60R30
  • LSW710/60R46
  • LSW650/60R42
  • LSW480/70R46
  • LSW420/75R34, LSW420/80R30
  • LSW320/70R24


The DT930’s wide, deep lugs provide excellent traction and cleanout but also offer comfortable, stable road travel. This is a popular option for replacing rear dual setups on planting tractors. Available right now only in the 1100/45R46 size, the DT930 features a lug angle that's optimized for both traction and cleanout in muddy conditions. As with Goodyear's other LSW models, the DT930 provides a comfortable ride and good flotation in the field.

Available DT930 LSW Sizes

  • LSW1100/45R46

‍LSWs Will Deliver Higher Productivity for Your Farm

Goodyear LSWs have certainly made a BIG impact for NTS Tire Supply customers, whether we’re talking about massive super singles replacing dual setups or LSW duals replacing standard radial duals. The larger rim/shorter sidewall design definitely improves traction and flotation and stops problems like power hop and road lope in their tracks. An LSW setup may be your key to smoother spring planting this year. Or help ensure that you finish harvest before the snow flies. Contact NTS Tire Supply, talk with one of our tire experts, and learn if LSWs are the best tools to Drive Your Farm Forward this year.

April 3, 2023
Product Review


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