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The Revolutionary Cost-Saving Technology for Bogie and Idler Wheels

Exceed OEM Worklife

XTreme Wheels have up to four times more worklife than most OEM replacement wheels.

No Bond Failure Guarantee

XTreme Wheels are owner operator’s #1 choice for rubber tracked equipment and come with an industry-exclusive No Bond Failure Guarantee.

Extend Your Track Life

XTreme Wheels extend rubber track life by lowering the operating temperature and eliminating debris entrapment.

The Best Bogie and Idler Wheels in the Industry.

  • Longest Wear Life

    Polyurethane compound engineered to generate less heat, reduce chunking and provide the highest cut and tear resistance.

  • No Bond Failures Guaranteed

    Proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent debonding.

  • Extend Rubber Track Life

    Lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration. Tough polyurethane will not capture debris and score the track.

  • Resist the Elements

    Unlike rubber, Xtreme Wheels polyurethane is resistant to oils, UV, weak acids, diesel fuel, moisture and more.

Site Proven Performance

Tested on the same tractor, pulling dual pan scrapers.

3,000 hours - Like new with no track damage

XTreme Wheels

347 hours - Visible excessive damage and uneven wear. Wheels have to be replaced to prevent further track damage.

Rubber Wheels

117.0 - The highest temperature reached. This lower temperature extends both rubber track and wheel wear-life.

XTreme Wheels

161.1 - The highest temperature reached during the same usage interval as XTreme Wheels.

Rubber Wheels


Agricultural and construction applications that require continuous operation handling heavy loads, high speeds and the towing of heavy implements such as pan scrapers. XTreme Wheels hold up in the most extreme operating conditions and provide the longest work-life, significantly reducing downtime.

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Available for most popular equipment makes.

  • AGCO Challenger® MT
  • Case IH Quadtrac®
  • Case IH 9000
  • CAT® Challenger 35-55
  • CAT® Challenger 95E
  • CLAAS TerraTrac Combine
  • John Deere® RT
  • John Deere® 8000T
  • John Deere® 9000T
  • Various Asphalt Pavers
  • And more...
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