Adding the cost of a new tire changeover to all your equipment listings would kill your sales. But what you may not have realized, are all the potential customers you’ve unknowingly lost by not addressing the ‘right traction’ issue. Here's how to fix it.

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We get it. You hate to see equipment sit on the lot. It could be that perfect used tractor—a trade from the guy that left the plastic seat cover on for two years and mentioned every zerk he greased in the service records. But if the tires aren’t what your customers are looking for, that tractor is as good as the bargain-row beauty that coughs blue smoke and sounds like it’s eating itself with every shift.

In other words, the wrong tires are a major turn-off for many customers. They know that it might cost them five thousand to over twenty thousand dollars to make that otherwise perfect tractor fit to buy.

If you were to add the cost of a new tire changeover to every equipment listing, your sales would slow to a crawl. However, if you work with a reputable, experienced tire dealer, you can turn a piece of slow-moving equipment into “I’m sorry, we just sold it yesterday” by providing your customers with some flexibility.

Consider these 3 steps:

1. Cut Changeover Costs

Why buy new when slightly used or takeoff will do? When your customer can get his preferred tires (the right size or spacing) on a tractor—and save money in the process—you earn a potential sale. There are many new takeoff and quality used tires out there. You just have to find them. That’s where a trusted tire partner, such as NTS Tire Supply, comes in.

And keep in mind that used tires will sometime fail. A trusted tire partner can give you and your customers peace of mind with a warranty that covers used tires with unforeseen damage that may cause a failure down the road (or row).

And partnering with a company that thrives in the used tire and wheel hardware market will also get you the best value on your trades. You might as well maximize your profit opportunities on each sale.

2. Depend on a Trusted Tire Company

There’s a lot more to tires than rubber. Especially when we’re talking used tires—no two are the same. Save your business a lot of headaches and establish a strong relationship with a reputable, experienced tire company. Do this and you won’t get caught with tires that aren’t what someone claimed them to be.

Used tires can be a challenging product to value correctly . . . unless you partner with a company that specializes in the used market and can correctly identify wear and/or damage that may affect performance in certain applications.

3. Talk Tires to Turn Wheels

Since the wrong tires can be a deal-breaker for your customers, it’s important to let them know they have options. Before customers walk into your business or pick up the phone, they should know that you can help them outfit any piece of equipment with the right tires for a reasonable price. Remind them in Web listings, in print ads, on your Web site—wherever your customers view your equipment.

When you work with an experienced, trusted tire company that specializes in used and takeoff tire changeovers, you can get a grip on slow-moving equipment and move it where it belongs—into the field.

December 1, 2017
Business Strategy


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