AgriTraxx® Midrollers & Idler Wheels

Lower your operating costs and get up to four times more work life out of AgriTraxx® midrollers compared to rubber midrollers and idlers.

Exceed OEM Worklife

AgriTraxx midrollers have up to four times more work life than most OEM replacement wheels.

No Bond Failure Guarantee

AgriTraxx midrollers and idlers are bonded for life. But in case one fails, AgriTraxx will replace it for free.

Extend Your Track Life

AgriTraxx Midrollers extend rubber track life by lowering the operating temperature and eliminating debris entrapment.

Engineered to Work Longer

Less Heat Buildup

AgriTraxx midrollers and idlers have a lower coefficient of friction than standard rubber wheels which means they generate less heat and won't break down or weaken like rubber.

Superior Bonding Technology

AgriTraxx midrollers and idlers feature a proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent debonding.

Resists Debris Entrapment

AgriTraxx's polyurethane compound does not capture debris such as gravel and rocks, which can become embedded in hot rubber midrollers and damage your tracks.

Resists the Elements

Unlike rubber, AgriTraxx's polyurethane is resistant to oil, UV, weak acids, diesel fuel, moisture and more.

Proven Performance

AgriTraxx Midrollers are proven to generate less heat and last longer than rubber midrollers. Below is a test performed on the same tractor pulling dual pan scrapers.

AgriTraxx® Midrollers

3,000 Hours

At 3,000 hours, the AgriTraxx midrollers are still like new and there has been no track damage.

117.0 Degrees

The highest temperature reached using AgriTraxx Midrollers.

Rubber Midrollers

347 Hours

At 347 hours, the rubber midrollers show excessive damage and wear. They will need to be replaced to prevent track damage.

161.1 Degrees

The highest temperature reached during the same usage interval as AgriTraxx Midrollers.