If you’ve done your research on Alliance combine tires, you have likely come to realize that Alliance offers an overwhelming number of combine tire options—over 15 different models! This article will help you identify the best tires for your combine by highlighting the top 5 Alliance combine tires worth considering.

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Alliance 372 Agriflex+ combine tire

1.  Alliance’s Top Combine Tire: The 372 Agriflex+

The advanced 372 Agriflex+ is a very improved flexion (VF) tire. The tire’s increased sidewall flexibility enables it to carry up to 40% more weight at the same pressure as compared to a standard radial tire. It offers a significantly larger footprint for less soil compaction and a more comfortable ride. The larger footprint provides better traction, lower fuel consumption and higher overall productivity. The R-1W pattern enables excellent grip as well as long tire life on hard surfaces. All Agriflex tires are steel-belted which offers high puncture protection and a wide, stable tread face.

Most of the 372 Agriflex+ combine tires have a CFO (cyclic field operation) designation. Cyclic field operation means that as a machine goes across the field, the load increases and decreases. In the combine application, this occurs as the grain tank fills (load increases) and then empties into the grain cart or trailer (load decreases). On a VF tire, the CFO designation provides up to 69% more load carrying capacity in the field over a standard radial tire.

Alliance also has an increased flexion (IF) version of this tire called the 372 Agriflex. IF tires carry up to 20% more load at the same pressure when compared with a standard radial tire. Most sizes in the 372 Agriflex lineup have a CFO designation, which means they can carry up to 56% more load than a standard radial tire.

Both the 372 Agriflex+ and 372 Agriflex combine tires feature an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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Alliance 376 Multistar combine tire

2.  Middle to High-End: The Alliance 376 Multistar

The 376 Multistar is Alliance’s premium tire choice for grain carts, but it is also an excellent choice for combines. The tire’s tread pattern and construction enables this tire to perform well in multiple applications ranging from grain carts and spreaders to high horsepower tractors and combines. It’s steel-belted design and special Stubble Guard rubber compound offers a strong casing with high puncture protection and a longer tire life. Its large, flat face improves flotation and traction while delivering a comfortable and smooth ride on hard surfaces and in the field.

Alliance 385 Agri-star combine tire

3.  Middle of the Road for Combine Dual Setups: The Alliance 385 Agri-star

The 385 Agri-star radial tire’s tread-pattern is designed with the strength required for high horsepower tractors. Special focus is given to the flexibility characteristics of the tire. The 385 Agri-star promises a smooth and comfortable ride. Strong textile casing combined with high quality tread and sidewall rubber compounding ensures better tire life. The 385 Agri-star combine tire features a 7-year warranty.

Alliance 360 combine tire

4.  Middle of the Road for Combine Single Setups: The Alliance 360

Alliance 360 is an extra wide radial combine tire. A low inflation pressure combined with a large footprint reduces soil compaction. Low angled lugs at the shoulder area improve traction, while higher angles around the tire center line improve ride comfort. Strong radial construction with reinforced beads and sidewalls provide long tire life.

Both the 385 Agri-star and 360 are similar quality to a standard Firestone or Goodyear radial tire, but each covers a different range of sizes. For dual setups, consider the 385 Agri-star. For single tire setups, consider the Alliance 360.

Alliance 349 Yield Master combine tire

5.  Lowest Cost: The Alliance 349 Yield Master

The 349 Yield Master is a premium bias tire constructed with nylon casing and a strong bead to guard the tire against mechanical failures under tough working environments. The 23 degree lug angle and long tread bar provides good traction and even wear. Close lug spacing reduces vibration for road travel. This tire works well on older, smaller combines. We do not recommend using the 349 Yield Master tire on larger, newer combines as the tire will wear out faster and will not provide the flotation performance that is required for larger combines.

The 349 Yield Master combine tire features a 7-year warranty.

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Choosing the Best Combine Tire

Most combine operators will find what they need from the choices listed above. However, Alliance’s other tire models might still be a viable option for you. These models include:

  • 378 Agri-star XL
  • 375 Agri-star
  • 375 Agri-star VF
  • 374 Agri-star
  • 370 Agri-star
  • 365 Agri-star
  • 365 Agri-star VF
  • 354 Agriflex+
  • 336
  • 570 Specialty Harvester

If you have questions about Alliance’s combine tires, or other brands as well, drop us a line on our contact page or call us at (888) 787-3559.

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A Brief Overview of Alliance’s Other Combine Tire Options

378 Agri-star XL

The 378 Agri-star XL is a multipurpose tire that provides very good performance at the price level of standard tires. Strong textile casing, reinforced by rigid belts guarantee stable tire dimensions, high puncture protection and huge tire to soil contact area.

375 Agri-star & 375 Agri-star VF

The new Alliance 375 Front Harvesters series is characterized by high tire volumes, high load capacities and low inflation pressure. An aggressive R1-W tread pattern, accomplished with sharp shoulders solution, enables excellent grip. High traction capabilities as well as reduced slippage promises constant travel speed necessary for proper harvesting operations. Steel belted construction and the Stubble Guard rubber compound promises a long and efficient lifetime. The 375 Agri-star series’ main use is on vegetable harvesters (potato and sugar beet combines), grain harvesters, big spreaders other equipment requiring a high load capacity.

The VF version of the 375 Agri-star tire provides 40% more load carrying capacity.

374 Agri-star

The Alliance 374 Agri-star is a R-2 deep lug radial tire, designed to deliver very high traction in wet and moist conditions. This tire is typically used for harvesting rice and cane.

370 Agri-star

The 370 Agri-star is a wide base radial tire developed for modern and high power tractors on heavy duty field and hauling applications. The tire provides about 10% more load carrying capacity at the same inflation pressure compared with the standard section size tire.

365 Agri-star & 365 VF Agri-star

The Alliance 365 Agri-star tread pattern represents the family of modern radial agricultural tires with low aspect ratio. Narrow Rim Option (NRO) technology enables VF tires marked NRO to also be fitted on a standard rim.

354 Agriflex+

The advanced 354 Agriflex+ is a top quality tire for row-crop tractors. However, it may be used in certain combine applications.


Alliance 336 is tough cross ply tire for implements as well as mid-range combines.

570 Special Harvester

The Alliance 570 Special Harvester is specially designed for a combine’s rear axle as either a free rolling or drive wheel tire.

September 1, 2019
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